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Escrito el 28 febrero 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

As that song by the 80s of Madrid nightlife said, today is «bad times for the lyric» If Spain boasted as world leader in production and installation of wind energy, it has surprised the launch of the news for Gamesa (the largest producer of mills in the country) of the application of an Employment Regulation Plan that affects more than 200 workers at plants of, Miranda de Ebro, Medina del Campo, Zaragoza and greater stress on the blade factory in Navarre with 150 workers, who will not go their jobs during the next 6 months.
The Plan that affects to 8% of the entire payroll is due to the dramatic fall in orders for windmills. Clavet, president of the Company, discharges against the government and blames the regulatory framework and the creation of Preassigning Projects Registration as the main bottleneck that has led to the current stoppage.

From other forums, others doubt about the economic feasibility and desirability of continuing to support with grants a type of energy generation being an example of cleaness throughout its entire life cycle, that is, not only in production but in the absence of toxic waste , but on the other hand not being sufficiently profitable in the short term to keep the defendant investment effort.
Not for nothing, it is also a cherished highlight, the falling demand in Europe for this type of installation.
So Clavet has not hesitated to proclaim, to keep the current regulatory system, a boost to its growth strategy, now aiming to build marine wind power generators. So its diversification strategy is focused towards the UK, a country which has provided huge budgets to the development of this type of electrical generation. Thus, Gamesa also diversifies risk and expands its portfolio of clients, providing more to companies such as RWE, EDF and EON, well positioned in the awarding of the bids of the crown. That frees the producer, at the same time, from a narrow relationship almost exclusively with the Spanish company Iberdrola Renovables.
The net turnover has been reduced by 16% over year end 2008, reaching 3.187 million euros.
However, it seems to be only a temporary measure as the company looks optimistic about the second half of the year when its production will be activated again thanks to the increasing demand coming mainly from the U.S. and China.


Which is the True Price of a Tree?

Escrito el 25 agosto 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

arbolOver times trees have removed countless amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the principal cause of the greenhouse effect today we face. 10,000 years ago forests occupied more than 6,000 million hectares of the Herat Surface. Today, forests occupy only 4,000 million. Between 1950 and 1980 the area covered by forests decreased by 25%. In some places, deforestation is carried out at breakneck speed. As examples, in California, urban trees die or are eliminated four times faster than are replaced. Each year 11 million hectares are destroyed, with some countries like Nigeria, which were large exporters of wood, and now are importers. A significant loss of forests directly affects other life forms through the atmosphere. By consuming CO2, the trees mitigate the greenhouse effect. Each mature tree consumes, on average, 6 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. When the trees of a forest die naturally and are felled responsibly, to be replaced by other trees, there is no net loss of oxygen in the atmosphere. But when cutting or forest is burned, it loses most of the oxygen. Thus, forests that are removed suposes to increase 25% of global CO2 emissions each year. In cities, groups of urban trees cool the air up to 10 degrees and reduce energy demand for air conditioning by 50%.
So What is the true price of a tree? Does the value of 1 ton of paper? Does the value of 2 tonnes of wood? Is that, the correct criteria to measure? Today no doubt

But think for a second how much money it would cost to create a machine like an oak that was capable of generating the oxygen consumed by 10 people or neutralize the CO2 emitted by each car runing 1 hour. Consider also that machine was also capable of bearing fruits like, apples, cherries, oranges .. and of serving food to hundreds of species, and all without consuming any mililittre of fuel.

So What is the true value of a tree?

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