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Let’s jam!

Escrito el 15 julio 2010 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

Angel Díaz, our Operations Professor, uses to organize what we are calling Jam Sessions. (An informal gathering of musicians to play improvised or unrehearsed music.)

The format is as follows:  He invites for one of his latest classes at the IXMBA programs several friends who develop their careers in different sectors. These guys have around 15 minutes to bring to the students the flavour of the operations in their specific sector, the trends they identify and what are the main challenges they try to face at their environment. After that, there is a turn for questions and an open discussion.

In today’s session, there has been a common bond in the presentations related to LEAN expansion and transferences in such a way as the jazz fusions with other styles.

Concepts originally applied to automotive sector expanding, as innovation,  to trains and aeronautics evolving their quality standards, as lean kills the costs of low quality, productivity and the workers culture in sectors coming from monopoly, union, low profile, feelings.  

Some jumps through technology to get to luxury sector applications both in supply chain and retail services and finally lean applications in retail banking.

Agents of the lean evolution-revolution are workers coming from those leaner environments; fusion is similar to musicians bringing new rhythms to aged styles.

In the forum, we have found lean principles in several environments, even in extreme software design.

Where have you found traces of lean?

Let’s jam!


Innovative operation / Operative Innovation

Escrito el 5 marzo 2010 por José Luis Fernández en General, Lean Services

In some strategy classes, when I try to talk about innovation some of my sources are Grant (Contemporary Strategy Analysis) and Moore (Dealing with Darwin). Both of them define the innovation linked to the industry/company/product lifecycle. This is good.

Product innovation, process innovation, strategic innovation evolves their share along these time-cycles. Innovation towards the product/customer/process excellence/renovation provides a lot of innovation areas to work through.

Other side of the coin comes from the organizational environment. Some classifications are made from those organizations innovation oriented vs those operations oriented. Differences are coming not only from the selection and kind of management, but also from the organization structure, processes and rewards methods. And some authors,  as Hamel, call for innovate vs operate.

I would like to elaborate in our new thread about these questions.

How to insert and grow the seed of innovation in fully operation oriented environments? 

How to increase the operative results in fully innovation driven environments?

How to merge innovation areas in potential break-through innovations?

How to alter and fine tune the natural share of innovation due to the lifecycle?

Which are the barriers?

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