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Jesus Guerro
Jesus Guerro
Jesús Guerro is Professor of Operations, Customer Centric Organizations, Reverse Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management in different master and education programmes at IE Business School.

Professor Guerro is specialized in different areas of knowledge and management: International Development Business Strategy, Crisis Management, Organizational Behaviour and Change, Negotiation and Global Logistics Process Management: “We need a clear global vision of our objetives in order to define our competitive service delivery and the way in which all areas integrate ongoing added value.” says Professor Guerro. He feels reverse logistics brings the opportunity to diffentiate in the market. “From a traditional meaning as cost centre, activities related to reverse logistics turn to a profit centre very related to Customer Service Perception, secondary markets and Corporative Social Responability”.

In 1.997 after ending up the Degree in Business Administration in Wales University with Class A Honours, he begins its managerial career in industrial companies as Casado SA or Barceló hired in both as Purchaing and Logistics Director. Meanwhile he begins his academic experince as University Professor in subjects as Operations Management, International Marketing or Organizacional Behaviour.

In 2001 he starts his background as Business Consultant. He is contracted by Telefónica Móviles to lead the multifunctional team responsible for Global Processes and Systems Design to be implemented in the new operators created in Europe and Lationamerica. Three years later, in 2003, he is named Commercial Operations Director in TM México under interim dealt, in order to develop the logistics and distribution network for the new GSM technology with the objective of achieving 20% market share.

In 2004 he comes back to Spain to collaborate in new organizacional project in Roberto Verino. He advises in strategic matters as Marketing, Finance, Organization and Operations. At the same time he is in charged of the Winery of the group, Gargalo. Being responsible for the P&L management, he signs with more than 30 national distributions and 14 foreing importers from Europe, America and Asia.

In 2.007 joined the IE Faculty into the Operations&Technology Area. He leads the forum of Processes Management and he writes in the Operations blog weekly. He has published some articles in national newspapers as “Cinco días”.

Las year he worked Big Accounts as Business Development Manager at the Logistics and Transport Multinational, LOGESTA.

In 2009 he founds TALENT SUITE a Headhunting & Consulting Company specialized in IT and Managerial Profiles.

- Senior Management Program (IE Business School)
- Master in Business Administration (Aliter Business School)
- Expert in Warehouse Management (TEA CEGOS).
- Certified Purchasing Manager (American Institute of Supply Chain Management)
- Certified SAP Consultant
- Honours Degree in Business and Administration (Wales University) 


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