Escrito el 20 enero 2013 por Jesus Guerro en General

Ten months ago European Regulatory Institutions received Spanish government

representatives to fix the deficit for 2012. As the mere act of signing a paper

and taking some photos supposed its achievement by divine fact

The game swung towards negotiating some decimals. Brussels seriously demanded

a 5.3% while Spain finally was proud to relax the figure to a «more realistic» 5.8%.

Of course, reinforcing the policy of austerity based on the simplistic message of «we cannot spend what we have not» when the duty of every government is «procuring income to pay what it is economically and socially required.»

Otherwise we will always bite our own tail, increasingly short, missing revenue even at higher rate than reducing expenses and so, increasing deficit that, besides, never mind in the past for rich countries, ( UK struggles to be down 10% for decades).

Today everyone forgets that Spain had one of the lowest European public debts in 2007, down 40%. It is the Management of the Crisis rather than the Crisis Itself, which carried us to Hell.

Even that times,  the discussion on 5 decimals emerged comic  for  those skeptics of the disastrously European strategy on track and we shall soon find it insulting when, after all the sacrifices imposed, the Spanish deficit figure for 2012 exceed dramatically those ridiculous limits of vacuous debate.  They did not know the formula was a blade on the hurt.

Or there are Dark Intentions or Very Few Lights. Otherwise this is not understandable.

The commitments for 2013 and 2014 are even more untreatable. Below 3%. How? Further mutilating?? Paralyzing? Cutting investment and services? Because that is exactly what will be said.

And so, pursuing these lords of wisdom.., Greece has been destroyed again 3000 years later.

The blindness of all individuals involved in the fact that today Europe is the only region in the world in process of self-mutilation is Distressing.

Now, some visionaries begin to realize that punishing the Ill does not cure, but kills faster.

The figures are undisputed. Unemployment in the eurozone has recently reached a record high of 11.8% and the recession in the Northern countries waits just around the corner.

This Europe, influencing an inopportune propaganda based on the ideals of Union and Harmony, to the point of reaching range of axiom that no one can even put in minimum doubt, has clumsily trying to hide its true nature:

A Cruel Dislocation.

This Europe ,where the country that astonishingly captures the sovereignty of others and stands itself as Dogma, as point of reference.., remains incapable to grow a decimal despite financing its brutal Debt free of interests with total impunity, while other members have to face unaffordable interest rates out of 6%. First class tickets on a journey from exemplary low public debts to high record figures in record time. Congrats.

Abandoning people to pay interests to speculators? No thank you.

Please I want to get off this train ..

So what to do?

There will not any solution while capital was not extended on the table at a reasonable and equal cost to everybody.

And do it fast.!

This will bring benefits for all members, some at short term and the rest at a longer term  due to the improvement experimented by the firsts. Moreover, their clients.

Some countries invest, others sell. People work, pay taxes and States recover wealthy.

Otherwise, we will continue our particular self-mutilating torture everyday holding less arms, legs and hearts, to move the engine and enjoy the trip.

References: THE WHEEL OF MISERY in this blog.



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