Recovering the Value of the Land

Escrito el 19 noviembre 2011 por Jesus Guerro en General

Today is like we had forgotten what we eat, what we wear, what we learn, what we need and what is behind all these things, the work of all of us.

We decided to spend our resources on paying interest. We forgot the value of real things and the reasons by which  they come to us, opting for buying financial products, named with initials we do not even understand trusting phantoms who delivered dirt after promising gold.

Aspiring to buy the present, we have sold the future.

Capital flows have been channeled rapidly in the same direction, with the same destination, there where decision makers dwell, those who gave you crumbs before taking the bread away. The same guys who beat democracy today as penultimate step to a new form of slavery or revolution.

Raising capital to heaven, we have forgotten the value of the land.

We have forgotten the Reality. Now we only face fog ahead.

We have forgotten the value of Production System as the primary engine to gear the Big Wheel while we all preferred to play, nearly drunk, with casino chips, black, red, or purple but no color had exchange at the exit.

Juggling funny until the mace fell down over our heads.

And we have forgotten our principles, what living in society means, the fact that Governments are Elected by people, to Represent people and to Protect the people.
And we talk about public debt and deficit and accept all mutilated. This is not new at all. Countries have always had their debt and deficit. It was always like that since we play this game.
Why this panic now? Who benefits?
Who has turned the table down again to keep on eating the fish and the lamb?

They do not water the tree. They do not take care of the tree. They Just shake the tree. Because they know that shaking the tree the fruit ends falling on their hands..
If there are no pears for everybody, it is not their business. They never look backwards.

And we lifted these models .And when we realized we were wrong and we claimed to refund their casino, they refunded to all of us.

When we wanted to burn the market, merchants already had our homes. We could not even light the torch on, we had no time, we smelled something burning and it was our trousers.

Now It becomes essential to Back to simplest principles.

Actual work to produce and sell real things through real markets with clearfaced people. There is a broad real market out there, many needs. Do not close our eyes. Do not drive us crazy.

Choose Productive Investment. Choose sharing resources not concentring them.-

Lets Recover the Value of the Land. Hand on hands.


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