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The new upcoming IKEA store in Valladolid (Spain),  will be the only one in the world that has the complete package of sustainability measures studied and approved by the Comapny in recent times, as Mercedes Gutierrez, responsible for Sustainability in the Swedish company highlighted this week. She also explained that the new facilities will serve as a pilot project to test and see if it works as expected and then analyze the convenience to extend the model to other branded stores.

The new green measures  will allow IKEA Valladolid  to be out of 20% more energy efficient than the rest of the company stores, bringing savings estimated about 100,000 per year.

Among the most pioneering solutions, we can underline the following:

a)      The system called «Trigeneration», a method that will «generate power for air conditioning of the building and electricity supply. This revolutionary system, also called CCHP (combined cooling, heat and power), refers to the simultaneous generation of electricity, useful heating and useful cooling from the same original heat source such as fuel or solar energy. So, mechanical energy is converted into electrical power by an electric generator. Waste heat which is insufficient in energy as input to the electric generator is then recycled for other purposes such as heating or cooling of facility or as input to other energy demanding processes.

b)      The lighting system will be composed exclusively by low energy light bulbs and LED technology. In addition, the lighting control mechanism will be built upon programs that will manage intensity depending on the occupation of the shop, a practice that is expected to reduce between 20% and 30% of energy consumption.

In this vein, Ikea Valladolid have installed high-efficiency skylights on the roof of the building and that will mean a saving of up to 70% as well as a new system that will remove hot air from the upper to the ground reducing a 25% of consumption.

c)      Following the same principle, the new air conditioning smart system will adjust the power according to the occupation of the store at any time.

d)      On the field of Construction, materials have been carefully selected. So that, IKEA has carried out a striking and innovative way for building up the store. Thus, PVC elements of ground and cover have been completely removed and they have been replaced by low polluting materials.
Valladolid Ikea will also make a call for the Electric Car because the parking will contain electro -chargers for this type of vehicle. The battery collection points, the classification of waste or the gradual replacement of wooden pallets recycled cardboard complete other sustainable supply store in Valladolid

 Once again, IKEA makes a pioneering step forward setting the path for Sustainability in Retail Market.


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