Lean Body? Lean humans?

Escrito el 10 agosto 2011 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

These days I have been thinking about a guy who states that he has not eaten for years. It sounds lean, doesn´t it?

It seems, the interview has to do with the promotional campaign of a film/documentary  that shows a kind of social movement related with meditation and yoga . Their practitioners says they are  able to change to some extent,  through a process, the kind of raw material from food to light or a similar source of energy.



To be honest our feeding process is not lean at all. Most of us stock fat, some even over-stock. All of us absorb a minimal amount of energy from food, producing a lot of waste. And many of us spend time and energy trying to eliminate this overstock through exercise and in some cases surgery.

On top of it, part of our social evolution,  and  problems of our specie, comes from our need of food; fights,migrations, social distribution in big communities and cities around stable sources of food, which in some cases generates the need of differentiation through consume,  etc.

Our homes require specific infrastructures to keep, prepare, consume process and evacuate food. Most of the rubbish we generate daily has to do with our feeding habits and great part of the energy we require have to do with them too.  

It seems that after some time practicing this discipline some of our functional parts get atrophied as they don´t use them, this makes me think about a trend of evolution towards subspecies that can be more adapted and sustainable, probably with less need to move.

We are trying to get rid of the petroleum as energy source and we are making transformations in our vehicles in order to change the kind of energy they require, we are recycling components to replace  our raw material historical sources in many sectors..  it may have sound stupid some time ago…So the question is: why don´t giving a chance to change or at least to think about optimicing the input energy required by our bodies?


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