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All of us have some friends or colleagues that have decided at some point in his career to create his/her own business, in majority of case leveraging the knowledge acquired in his/her profession, sometimes making the step alone, sometimes accompanied in the adventure with some partners. 

Some of them jump from companies, some others from unemplyment, attemping to create theis own solution. 

The trend is definitely growing, particularly in IT frames ,where many of them feel personaly and professionaly pleasant after taking their decision.

In other sectors is not always an easy task .Indeed, the case we would like to discuss here is that situation in which the adventure ends falling after taking the rest, and those professionals involved in the Odyssey, intend to return to the job market, being hired by a company as an internal employee.

Some people think this is a non return way revealing the nature of these guys who dare. This could mean that people who make the decision to work on his behalf, has lost his/her capacity to work under a pre-defined structure with a clear line of command or even, the reasoning goes beyond that point, coming up the doubt whether these type of fellows never had that willingness and will try it again to escape from there sooner or later.

On the other hand, others interpret that these guys have demonstrated Courage, capacity of decision and determination to go for it, business development initiative, clear expertise, relationship gifts, open mind and strategic focus, all of them strongly appreciated managerial skills.

However, as we mentioned before, not everybody agrees with this latter vision and some observers tend to to see in these profiles, something like a free verses or a revel souls. They saw Real Life, they took the blue pill and moved away from Matrix..

This is why we open this discussion here.

To know about your opinion from the outside or by self experience.

What do you think about the impression of HR Managers when they receive these returners?

In your opinion, is this initiative valued positively or does it raise more doubts than certainties becoming a handycap?

Maybe ,does it depend on the professional nature or result of that experience? 

Which is your viewpoint?

Thank you.


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