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Escrito el 28 julio 2011 por José Luis Fernández en General

As Operations professor I am trying to prepare next course´s classes.  I have started to leaf through two big paper reams thicker than Tolstoy’s War & Peace which holds all technical notes and practical Cases. That is why when I have read this article  at BW:  http://www.businessweek.com/business-schools/the-bschool-case-study-gets-a-digital-makeover-07252011.html I have tried to figure out the implications from the users standpoint.

Headline is: «The B-School case study gets a digital makeover»

Main message states that Harvard Business School, among others, is in the process of converting 3,500 of its files to tablet-enhanced formats during this school year and expects to finish converting its library of 17,000 titles by 2013.  Tablets would transform case studies from straightforward narratives into complex and changeable multi-option stories.

The initiative on going digital & interactive is not new; at ie I have contributed to some cases since 2004 and depending on the design, usability and interaction scenarios it can provide some pluses for case preparation and understanding.

Regarding the mobility, let´s imagine a MBA candidate with a demanding position in a company, with a demanding & in some cases growing family, frequent traveler and with hundreds of cases to prepare in a constrained timeframe…this guy needs availability. Availability can bring productivity which is a must for getting the most of such investment that an MBA is. On top of it, we have to consider that tablets are big kids´ toys nowadays and also that learning by playing could even be long lasting.

Apart from enhanced case holder with editing capabilities some key functionalities should include the relation capabilities; access to a platform, online classes, forums, chats, working sessions and email and file transfer.

In any case, I stick to the comment of Mr Rowe  at the end of the article “»I’m not really concerned if cases are consumed by tablet or hard copy,» he says. «When students get in the classroom, the ‘Aha’ moments occur to most of them in the thrust of debate and discussion.»


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