The Growing Role of Community Managers

Escrito el 5 junio 2011 por Jesus Guerro en General

It is obvious that forms of communication change with the times and perhaps never more rapidly as they did in recent years.
With the birth of the Internet, companies discovered a new window available to advertise their products and services in a range of global reach, and found a new way to make themselves better known expanding their potential business impact in a broader target market.
However until the second half of the first decade of this century, the impact fees in the network have remained far behind from those obtained in the TV where major companies have traditionally invested for promotion purposes.
Very distinct behavior is currently observed in the younger generation, those born in the 80s and 90’s, move in internet many more hours than they spend watching television, leveraging the use of new remote devices as iphones, ipods, tablets and so on.

 This new scenario has led companies to focus so much more directly and seriously to the way they communicate through the network, because it is there where their new target audience is waiting for, specially those brands that develop their products or services to younger segments of society.
So that, not only the favorite mass media has changed, but the way in which the information transmitted to potential client is treated .

Thus, new generations like to «interact» with the sender of the message, not just «responding» but moreover, «proposing.» (what It is called crowdsourcing)

 And here comes the concept of Open Innovation. When the observer becomes a co-creator .-
To carry out the transformation of communication policies that this new paradigm demands, companies require the participation of the Community Manager.
So, what exactly is a Community Manager?

A Community Manager will be the figure responsible for trasnforming the boring traditional catalogs into interactive game fields, which not only capture the attention of these new modes of behavior but serve as a new lab to make and integrate new ideas coming directly from the same objective target.
Therefore, a Community Manager is that transversal professional within the Organization, who having a mixed profile ,technically and marketing speaking, designs and creates a WEB front end structure into a dynamic platform where «on –line» transmitting efficiently marketing strategies, corporate social responsibility or product development with the direct participation of an infinite audience  who can be both their most dedicated collaborator and appreciated customer.


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