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Organizations are complex systems, as organic bodies, built upon interrelated functions or organs.

Successful performance depends on the degree these functions work in better harmony.

Plenty Coordination is so, essential, but unfortunately, more usual than desired, Organizations fail in this goal, cause of invisible barriers keeping functional departments as separate, isolated, units.

Processes in the Organization do not mean an unidirectional delivery of inputs to be transformed into outputs. Communication among mid-management, demands to be bidirectional embeded into a well-known corporative strategy. More than ever, common goals require to be perfectly understood for every manager in the Company.

When problems rise up, always the guilty is another.

Nevertheless, experience shows that rarely managers are unskilled to properly comply with their tasks, but usually they struggle to communication efficiently and suffer a lack of Common North Vision.

Cross-Thinking brings an effective Organizational Tool that seeks to improve Global Company Performance through the Coordination´s optimization between departments, by analyzing the contents and flows of information, holding relaxed individual conversations with each manager or key employee, and so that, identifying these Communication Failures and bottlenecks.

Establishing objectives by functional area is a risky and uneasy task. They eventually bring conflicts between departments, due to the fact that oftenly, they become opposite by nature. For instance diversity in the product range brings an opportunity for market segmentation and innovation, attracting different customer profiles, and so sales volume, but pushes down the productivity rates in the factory at the same time incrementing product costing. The balance doesn´t work out, simply because it never exists. What determines how we have to perform should only be defined by our Strategy, our corporative purposes at any time.

What do we want to be? how do we want to differentiate? which challenges and risks do we face? how are we performing into our competive environment? what should we improve? what to boost? Once we respond to these questions , we must establish priorities, communicate properly gathering all efforts in the the same direction. Stop stretching the rope from each end. Otherwise we will break down the toy.

Understanding this point to avoid frustration, defining objectives under this premise. Broadening departmental visión.

Crossthing, through the introspection of an external expert becomes the piece required to reduce tension and facilitate cooperation and team building between managers and functions.

That´s the goal of Crossthinking. Improve Processes Alingment, Communication and Organizational Energy by reducing stress. The Organizational Massage.


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