Who is afraid of Temporality?

Escrito el 9 marzo 2011 por Jesus Guerro en General

Whenever someone pronounces the word «Temporality» associated to employment is to reproach.
As if It was the  enemy, Temporality is treated as something to beat, to remove from the earth.

Usually revealed by politicians, they use this formula as a criterion for assessing the bad quality of employment in a country.

 However, we should remember that countries with higher rates of Temporality + Part-Time employment are Denmark, Netherlands, Sweeden and Finland in that order.  Countries with productivity problems? Not at all, by contrast they are leaders in that aspect.
Politicians and Analysts show their ignorance when they use this parameter as instability scale.

It remains unnatural to resist a modern trend of work, both regarding firms managing by projects and employees who learn to take care of themselves through continuous training and information to maintain its attractiveness to companies.

Companies are not mothers who take care of their children for the entire life. That’s part of the past. The turnover is increasing day after day, nobody can stop it. Some research claims that the average of different jobs held in a 38 years old professional  will be 14 in just 5 years.

 Moreover, this rotation is crucial for the enrichment of professionals experience as well as the flexibility companies require to improve their productivity and competitiveness in markets that do not forgive rigid, slow and inefficient organizational structures.

Are we ready to leverage temporality or  will we  keep complaining about this «terrible unfairness»?

Please look at the future. Foster your Workability.


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