Escrito el 7 marzo 2011 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

Sometimes I try to coordinate movements when I am doing some activity. For instance, whenever I prepare the breakfast for me and the kids I try to do it as a choreography using hands, knees and elbows in order to save movements and thus time. It is not a one day work, and I guess it is the basis for incremental innovation given in the continuous improvement approach.

You think in a new move-shrink and then try, and perfection it in case it gives value. I have notice that when I go swimming I can get equipped and ready to swim in half the time it takes to  others, in my case it gives me the chance to keep on going as I have just half an hour to make 60 lengths.

It is not a matter of becoming ambidextrous, it is not exactly trying to do several things at the same time, or even it has not necessarily to do with saving time. It is about reducing waste and giving value. Value can be my time, but can also be others’ time or value expresions. 

I´m not alone with this, last week I went to buy a couple of books one for me and one for a present so I asked for some special wrapping, the shop assistant wrapped the book with just a few movements perfectly synchronized and coordinated. Nothing to do with a first timer, you can notice it.

Parkour or  l’art du déplacement could fit as an expression of Lean move. “Two primary characteristics of parkour are efficiency and speed (save time and waste) . Traceurs (Parkour practitioners) take the most direct path through an obstacle as rapidly as that route can be traversed safely.  Traceurs say that parkour also influences one’s thought processes by enhancing self-confidence and critical-thinking skills that allow one to overcome everyday physical and mental obstacles.”

In factories, and service processes this is not new, as there are a whole set of engineers and workers thinking on ways to avoid waste but in movements is like an individual art which anyone can practice and benefit from.


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