Mobility as an operational intelligence accelerator?

Escrito el 18 marzo 2011 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

We have talked several times about the need of adaptation of the companies; sometimes we have compared their business processes/systems and their response capabilities based on internal/external stimulus with a nervous system.

Thus, you can find all ranges of systems, from those who can hardly define a strategy and implement that and with no capability of relation (internal/external) to those with bright mind and easy movement capable to reconfigure themselves in their current environment or new one.

The point is how to transform the former in the second, how to move to develop that kind of operational intelligence, expressed at wiki as the ability to monitor business activities and identify and detect situations relating to inefficiencies, opportunities, and threats and react.

There are some OI software platforms which can be applied, mostly in developed systems that understand the need, and developed and debugged.  But, what about those primitive systems which can hardly feel themselves like a system?  How to make them evolve?

One option in a hundred could be to follow some steps, as:

Redefine their planning processes linking them as a whole. Learn to think.

Build on enhanced BI making it simpler (for kids) and frequent. Learn to read and feel.

Redefine the organizational structure linked to business process decisions (basic KPIs and scorecards) and spread the power to take them from a predefined toolbox. Learn to act.

Launch incremental innovation processes around the kind and nature of information-making decisions to upload to that toolbox. Learn to learn.

A facilitator can be the technology, build on Ipad and most wills will get engaged…to play…


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