Escrito el 13 febrero 2011 por Jesus Guerro en General

Recently in Spain we have seen how our Household Electricity Bill has been upgraded up to 10% by means of Government Aim adjustment. Although there would be different causes which could be tied up to this decision, the majority of critical voices has focused their passional complaints in the Government Support to Green Energy Companies especially in the field of solar and wind energy. These voices argue that investment in this field has been demonstrated to be a total waste of money based on a ridiculous Sustainability Policy that leads to a popular damage.

According to Official Statistics the daily average consumption in Spanish Households is 9,0 Kwh which means 1,35€ expenditure. It represents 40€ monthly spent by each Spanish Home. So that a 10% increment will mean 4€ monthly spent as average.

On the other hand, a car that spends 36.000km annually, so that 3.000 kms per month will mean a monthly expenditure of 300 € (considering 8l/100km and current fuel price of 1,25€/l)

If we consider that in 2010 the average of cars per family reaches to 1.5, we will conclude that the average consumption in Fuel will reach 450€ monthly.

Thus, the household expenditure in fuel is up to 10 times higher the expenditure in Electricity.

At the same time we are suffering a new increment on price petrol where nobody knows where the ending peak will be.

A year ago, in February 2010 the price of fuel was 99.36 cents/l . Two years ago the same parameter remained at  86.63 cents/l.  If we make some steps back we find that the price at February 2004 was 68,49 cents/l. Today the price we find each time we want to feed our automobile is 125, 75 cents/l.

This data means that the price of fuel at gas petrol incremented out of 26% last year, 45% in last two years and It has been practically duplicated in 7 years!! 

 Therefore, the monthly household expenditure in fuel for automobiles means an increment of up to 100€ in last year, close to 150€ in two years and 200€ in last 7 years!!  

At the same time the cost of drilling and extracting petrol grows day by day. The zones of easy extraction are amortized and the new emerging zones of Russia, Brazil and Poles demand 100 dollars cost per liter just on drilling and extracting activities. So, how can we expect the petrol bill will grow in a near future as petrol become scarcer?

Te Bet of Obama Administration for Green Energy is undisputed even getting important agreements with Spanish Renewable Companies like Abengoa or Iberdrola among others…Likewise, the American President is also strongly criticized by the Republicans to follow up this Energy Strategy.

Accordingly, we go on hearing from some sources of opinion that the investment in green technology is a stupid and useless waste of money, claiming to stop Sustainable policies as soon as possible.

Is Green Energy Investment an intolerable Waste of Money?

 Who do you think that reveals themselves as stupid?


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