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Ford Motor Company founded Ford One Program in 2009. The principal purpose of  One Ford is the understanding of the Company as a real Global Entity, a unique family regardless function place or culture of their members.

The finality is working as a solid unity taking advantages of synergies and cooperation between inner departments as well as perfect and accurate suppliers integration wherever it is required.

Ford sees  the present automotive industry as at the intersection of three critical global issues: the economy, energy and the environment.

There are concerns about competitiveness and employment, the availability and affordability of fuel, and the impact of CO2 emissions. In response to these concerns, for the first time in a century, some of the most fundamental and enduring elements of the automobile are being radically transformed by new technologies.

The key to this transformation, and to success in automotive business, is continuous improvement practises and ongoing innovation.

Taking full advantage of a bigger global scale and talent to build products customers want and Value is already paying off for the Company in markets around the world. And within the next

four years, all Ford vehicles competing in global product segments will be common in North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific Africa. These two latter areas where the company has raised in sales, especially in Asia Pacific  at rates exceeding 15% last year, strongly favored by investments and evolution of Chinese Market.

 Special endeavor is aimed to Fiesta and Focus segments where 60% of global sales are concentrated. The idea is to create platforms able to build up more than 10 versions or models

through standardization of costly critical components and speed up Time to Market as major competitive advantage.

 ONE Ford expands on the company’s four-point business plan for achieving success globally. According to its Credo, “It encourages focus, teamwork and a single global approach, aligning

employee efforts toward a common definition of success and optimizing their collective strengths worldwide”.

The 3 elements of ONE Ford are:

ONE TEAM: ONE Ford emphasizes the importance of working together as one team to achieve automotive leadership, which is measured by the satisfaction of customers, employees and

other essential business partners, such as dealers, investors, suppliers, unions/councils and communities.

ONE PLAN: The company’s four-point plan consists of: balancing cost structure with revenue and market share; accelerating development of new vehicles that customers want and value;

financing the plan and rebuilding the balance sheet; and working together to leverage all resources around the world.

ONE GOAL: The goal of ONE Ford is to create an exciting and viable company with profitable GROWTH FOR ALL.

Key products in Ford’s global vehicle line up include: the 2010 F-150 manufactured in Dearborn, U.S.A.; the Ford Fiesta manufactured in Germany; the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport

manufactured in Mexico; and the Ford Figo, manufactured in India.

Sustainability cannot be out of the plan. Ford’s environmental commitment is evident in both its product plan and its operational efficiencies.

Ford’s U.S. facilities have improved energy efficiency by nearly 35 % through innovative technology solutions, replication of best practices and non-production shutdown.

In 2009, Ford’s fleetwide fuel economy improved nearly 20% during the prior five years, almost double its closest competitor. Ford will deliver 30 new powertrains during the next two years to increase fuel efficiency. Work is also underway on four new electrified vehicles, including the Transit Connect Electric, Focus Electric, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and a next-generation Hybrid cars.

With One Ford Prgram the Company intends to establish a Global Consciousness of Unity. Time will give us the response to the initiative´s success in this difficult sector juncture.


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