Escrito el 8 diciembre 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

According to a research study made on U.S. multinational companies operating in Spai, they were required to show their consideration about Spanish workers performance. The result is pretty optimistic and they generally approve, with high mark, regarding the perception those companies have on the average European employee.

Stressing among his qualities, relational and social values, that mainly are, Customer Care, Commitment to the Organization and Teamwork. However, Spanish professionals strongly suspend onto abroad opening initiatives, highlighting, our difficulty even today to communicate in English as well as a clearly poor willingness to geographical mobility.
It seems, by a general analysis of the global economic situation, the Global System requires a balancing of professional resources. Excess productive areas, clearly identified in Europe, USA and Japan should implement opening policies that foster the movement of workers, avoiding the dangerous temptations of protectionism, airtight refuge in calling for an agonizing retro-feedback, the food for a slow death.
There are 20 countries in the last decade that have doubled or tripled their GDP from the beginning of century XXI. Ten from Africa, with Equatorial Guinea at the head, former Spanish colony whose GDP has multiplied by 5, the rest are located in the Middle East and North Asia, including special influence of China (rank 6) and India (rank 20).
Among the 100 countries that have increased their economy, there barely are European countries, with the exceptions of Russia (post 59, an increase of 60% of GDP) and countries heirs of communist regimes of the twentieth century, both former Soviet republics as South East European nations. The rest of the group is formed by nations from the same mentioned areas (Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East) in addition to major Latin American countries like Argentina (79), Colombia (85) and Chile (99) all in the surroundings 50% of GDP growth. Brazil was ranked 104 with an increase of 40% of GDP, really impressive given the size of its economy.
Finding draws attention to Ireland and Greece, countries with major problems today as first countries of Ancient Europe in terms of growth, both with 28%. The third is Spain with 22% and Sweden with 21%. The rest, below 15% as UK, France 12% or 8% in Germany. U.S. advances by 17% and Italy closed the world map with a tiny increase of 2% negatively surpassed only by Haiti, only country showing 2% recession. .
It therefore seems obvious that there is not only a climate warming but also an economic overheating in the richest areas of the planet, productively saturated.

However, the other half of the planet, that represented by the poorest countries and those called emerging nations, suffer insufficient professional resources to speed-up their development and complete a systemic balance which appears as the only macroeconomic solution at the medium and long term.


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