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Consumer Integration

[1] [2]There is a movement of consumer integration in supply systems, new ways of segmentation and concepts as service dominant logic, lean services and others are trying to provide explanations on what is happening as well as to provide a path to follow.

Some goods&service models are more evolved already both in supply network architecture and retailing capabilities.

One potential roadblock for the adaptation may come from the culture and from the organizational aspect: who and how inside the companies. Many organizations fail in innovate or in providing ways to facilitate such integration as there are no easy synergies in marketing-supply chain initiatives, that is why  Marketing Proffessor Daniel J.Flint demands  in his article : “I urge every supply chain manager to go online and carefully study the concept of “shopper marketing.” The implications for supply chain management are significant.”

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On the other side, new trends in consumer habits and information levels brought to consumer goods can be driven by some leaders as we may identify in other industries as fashion goods.  I remember the idea   Eric Schmidt explained in an interview at El Mundo “I think that people wants Google to tell them what to do next. It will help them to plan their lives”.

Being able to influence and generate, or at least predict, common and aggregated demand patterns in time and place by clicking on the right motivation all along these new mass-hyper-segmented customer bases can be the next challenge.