Escrito el 12 diciembre 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

The Mexican Administration efforts to seek global agreements within the last climate summit held this week in Cancun, has received the support and recognition from all of the International Community and especially, congratulations have been aimed to country President Manuel Calderón and to  Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, true leader of the Mexican summit.
Considering the disappointment infused after the Copenhagen Summit (read COPENHAGEN. FORWARD OR BACKWARDS?: Http://operations.blogs.ie.edu/2009/12/copenhage-forward-or-backward.html) held 1 year, which will be remembered for the lack of specific agreements and the limited multilateralism, the Cancun summit has supposed a return to serious commitment with environment and to a global consensus with the exception of Bolivia, clearly underestimated in its proposals, has been plenty and satisfactory by the rich countries, poor and emerging countries.
It has been recovered in Cancun the accuracy for establishing demand emissions targets by 2015, that although It will force to extend the Kyoto Protocol targets, brings a new roadmap with a North well defined and shared, something that seemed lost or blurred in recent summits.
Remains for the 2011 Durban summit confirmed as «binding» and not only «voluntary» agreements arrived in Cancun. So that everything can fall down or build up. It would mean the first foray in the U.S. and China, primarily responsible for CO2 emissions over 50% of global emissions in a firm commitment to minimize the impact of toxic gaseous in the continuous increasing in global temperature.
Particularly concerned by this fact were countries with large coast populations or core demographic sea island, which checked with vestments as water «eats their land with each passing day.»

Therefore, Obama won this time, not only including specific commitments in the text by the U.S. but also persuading China as a fellow traveler in achieving these objectives. Something strongly relevant taking into account the image of bilateralism of both countries offered in Copenhagen. Something that made European Union along with the rest of the world to feel unimportant, polluting that Summit Environment. In this case Obama succeeded in obtaining Chinese Government Commitment.

Another important step has been made in the sense Cancun has confirmed the creation of an International Fund Green, aimed at contributing to the emerging countries taking measures to prevent progressive growth of their emissions as well as aid to Amazon Basin countries to reduce the massive felling of trees leading to deforestation. This pray, demanded by Brazil for a long, was finally accomplished in Cancun.

So that, hope and optimism come back in Cancun. Time will tell us if It meant a real change in Governments Attitude or just a vague cleaning operation.


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