Escrito el 26 octubre 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

The data we present below can be striking and certainly should be subject of analysis in the Companies.
It is estimated that only 3% of the electricity consumed in a Data Center, is actually used to process information, the rest is wasted in redundancy and inactivity. So that 97% of electricity is not leveraged.
Information Technology Systems represent 10% of electricity consumption in United Kingdom, and Datacenters have multiplied by 5 its consumption in the last 5 years.

The electricity consumption in Data Centers increases a 12% each year and is estimated that, at present times, it supposes 2% of total electricity consumption in the United States. It is similar to that in the aviation industry.
This country was pioneer in this aspect and It has worked since 1992 with the birth of the directive «Energy Star» for using technology and delivery models that would reduce the impact of generation, transmission and processing of information in the environment.
The growing institutional pressure in reduction of CO2 emissions today, has highlighted the role of IT in contributing to this ecological mission.
However, according to research, Green IT is not considered nowadays among the 10 strategic priorities of Spanish CIOs . The green projects are not priorities, products and service are not taken into account and therefore its benefits are not valued.

About 85% of IT departments do not know their pollution levels and 20% are not aware about the electricity costs that systems bring to the P&L.
Doubtless, there is great effort ahead by companies selling IT to convince ant to implement Green IT strategies.

Here, the concept of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) aims to unite to the advantages of lower costs, those derived from the contribution to sustainability, given that they are built up on virtualization infrastructures, sharing of resources ( Datacenters) policies and flexible provision of services as major arguments in support of that goal.
Only time will confirm us whether cloud computing models will eventually be integrated into the IT strategy in large companies overcoming the cultural obstacle of acquiring and physically possessing their own Data Center Machines inside their facilities being only used by the property.


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