KODAK. Reverse Processes Virtuosity

Escrito el 27 septiembre 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

One of the best known is the recycling of products introduced by Kodak  to recycle

their single use cameras (Tie One camera Recycling Program) (OTUC) in 26 countries today.
KODAK has established alliances with other competitors that are accepted as their own

cameras and are exchanged.
Since 1990, Kodak has recycled around 1,000 million cameras have speeds of more than

100 million in each of the past few years, failing to discharge more than 50,000 tonnes of waste.
After receipt of the cameras, this is the Process Flow:

(1)They are separated by manufacturer (2)They are classified by models (3)They are prepared and

 sent to processing centers (4) Lenses and Batteries are separated. (5)New Lenses and Batteries Replacement (6) Flashes are inspected and reinserted in production (7) Plastics are recycles to manufacture new cameras.

In order t succeed Kodak had to rethink the design of their cameras so that their treatments were simple.

Kodak´s performance is better shown in numbers:
– Recycling Rates above 90%
– Resuing Times: 5 as average per camera-
– Lead Time from Collection to Sale: 30 days.

 KODAK was aware of the perception of low quality on this product category. Kodak´s Bet by this business line led the company to invest more than $ 50 million in advertising and had the great idea of organizasing Photo Contests with these cameras.

This is the one of the best example of sustainable preactises. Iw we are able to make recycling process cheaper than acquisition process we will have built the first milestone on Sustainability. Re-inerting materials, reducing natural extractions.


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