Integrated disintegration.

Escrito el 9 septiembre 2010 por José Luis Fernández en General

Wandering around integration concepts I get to some questions I would like to share with you.

Firstly, I would like to know whether same principles applying to integration/disintegration at enterprises are valid to some extent for departments or groups within a firm around operating processes so there would be some kind of fractalization in these concepts.

There were some forces towards integration as; get to scales economy, increase the control in the process and avoid supplier bargaining power.  And some towards disintegration as; changes in the channel, market and/or technological break down and niche competitors. Do these forces actuate inter functional teams?

 Secondly, and from the integration semantic side, I would tend to think on a process as being an integrated one when it is controlled and feed backed, when it has the right metrics to get continuously improved and when agents fully participate with a mutually beneficial approach. So a not integrated one is freer, less predictable, self seeker, and may evolve easier.

 Thus, there could be different combinations like fully vertically integrated systems which processes are seriously disintegrated or systems working with high level of disintegration, that is, multi-enterprise vertical systems and with excellent level of process/function integration with concurrent approach to adaptation

 So, the question could be: are vertically integrated enterprises, with highly integrated processes, more adaptable to changes in the environment than vertically disintegrated systems with highly integrated processes? Or are less? Or it has nothing to do?

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