Escrito el 22 agosto 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

The disaster in Pakistan affects more than 20 million victims, 20 million people homeless. The deaths amounts to more than 1,500 people .-
The virulence with which storms have ravaged the country is unprecedented. So much, the flow of the Indus River has increased by 40, causing a flood wave characteristic of a Dante´s episode, even more terrible than an earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, shocked international public opinion.
It is difficult to understand how a body of water of such magnitude had not been foreseen, more than 12 hours in advance, making it impossible for any policy of preventive measures.
Subsequently, and equally as happened in Haiti, the lack of internal organization and International Coordination, avoided to reduce the devastating impact of the forces of nature as would have been desirable with a prompt and effective response.
The poor involvement of the international community is now a breeding ground for reactionary groups which protest the government, biased pro-Islamist unity instead of pro-collaborative with the West and specifically with the U.S. So there are not only fears for the spread of deadly diseases, but by the political instability in Pakistan, which would further complicate the work of reconstruction.
Damage caused by floods are enormous. The British broadcaster BBC reported that the cost of reconstruction could amount to 15,000 dollars (12,000 million euros), according to an estimate of the Islamabad government.
The IMF will decide tomorrow Monday, August 23 if It «helps” Pakistan economically. While the national government seeks to deal with more than four million displaced people and find the ways to repair the extensive damage to crops and infrastructure.
Some observers point out that despite being the greatest human catastrophe in living memory, both the initiative of the leaders and their citizens has not demonstrated a determination as generous as the one shown with Haiti, letting conclude that this is due to the geopolitics position of the neighboring country of Afghanistan.
Where someone saw the misfortune of a poor country in Haiti, now they see the divine punishment of over a sinful country.- In the same resentment towards a country that could have provided shelter and protection to some 11S precursors.
Many very important people seem to forget, and some of the deciders in which our solidarity depends, that children in Pakistan are not aware of policy, they just want to drink water and to return to school someday, although maybe never more accompanied by their mother, father or brothers. Please, never forget that Pakistani Children do no understand about Policy.


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