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U.S. President Barak Obama this week announced the approval of a federal guarantee of $ 1,450 million for the construction of a solar plant in the desert of Arizona, a project of the Spanish company Abengoa.
This solar power plant will be the tenth to be built by the company FROM Seville and will mean the largest in the world in this technology, being able to generate 280 megawatts of electricity, namely, the equivalent to the consumption of 70,000 homes a year.
Replace this energy from this renewable source will prevent the emission of 475,000 tons of CO2 annually and is expected to be able to employ about 1,600 employees during construction.
In the words of Obama himself, regarded as an achievement to have been able to attract a company capable of generating a significant number of jobs in a sector of the future such as Renewable Energy is.
The construction of this magnificent plant, that has been named Solana, will begin this fall, once we obtain the local and national permits and it is estimated to be up and running in a period not exceeding three years.
Obama wanted to emphasize in his speech, broadcast on the Internet, that Solana will not only mean the first Plant of large-scale solar energy in the United States but also the fact that it will be able to store thermal energy up to 6 hours, which will produce energy during cloudy intervals and even after the scorching Arizona sun decays into decline. This is a great innovation in energy management, allowing to balance the usual divergent flows of supply and demand.
The Obama Administration thus confirms its strong commitment to transforming the U.S. energy model based on a growing role of renewable energy compared to fossil waste.
This also bolsters Obama in the public denunciation of the British Petrolium disaster and presents a program with real measures to prevent environmental disasters such as that currently suffers from the Gulf of Mexico.
The Renewable Spanish companies must move fast and indeed they are doing so in favor of championing its know how U.S. policy and gain position in a market of almost limitless potential.


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