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It is an indispensable matter in Marketing and Operations programs to introduce the concept of Product Life Cycle and usually everyone in business has heard about its known four stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline.
I wanted here to make a thought transferring this issue to the field of professional life considering what supposed the launch of a new product into what means every professional challenge we face in our career.
I guess It particularly becomes appropriate nowadays when the debate on Employment Law Frame is really on hot at the scene.
So, It would be a something like below,
A) Introduction: As every commence It is plenty of Illusion. But at the same time it is hard at work. It is the time to understand environment, liking new relationships, some of them, crucial to success. Adapting you to the audience and gaining share with your innovation. Certainly It is also the time to demonstrate you are a great bet, your skills and profile begins to fit with expected goals.
B) Growth: Things go well. You are in the network and your performance improves day in day out. You start to be trusted and your stakeholders buy you. Your strengths resulted valuable and you feel lighted on.
C) Maturity: You bring cash. The benefits of your work come easier now. For a moment you think it is time to rest at last. Your sponsors are proud of you but this is only the beginning at this stage. During this phase you feel the competitiveness and you have to feel it. Otherwise you might end feeding your competitors. Then you realize it is time to make some changes to maintain positioning. You are a clever guy and you know how to do it.
D) Decline. You meet your worst devil, bore. The goals you dared at your entrance are accomplished. The novelty of relationships become routine and your performance drops slowly. You look around and feel that some type of divergence occurred between the environment and you. The fit is not so clear right now. You turn confused. The missions of the company do not seem to be the yours, maybe you even forgot you had them. Definitely something happened and It is time to think about. A new investment, a new project, a new beginning.
It is inherent to human beings with professional expectations and continuous improvement spirit, to grow on a challenges sequence which maybe does not always remain at the same statement.
Decline should be always short, never an armchair where sleeping asleep.
Working on Project Basis should characterize new Organizations. Different Professional Profiles are adequate at certain stages, aimed to certain goals and rewarded according to performance on objectives. They are the firsts who must understand it.


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