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[1]In certain occasions Companies feel and even have, the necessity to carry out a Profiling, especially in those cases in which there has been a change in the helm of the Company, a merger or acquisition has taken place or simply because the Organization has grown exponentially and requires to remember Who is it in terms of people value.
A profiling basically consists of updating which are the skills, experience, motivation and strategic alignment of all professionals integrating the Company.
The Profiling is built upon personal interviews. This job is habitually undertaken by external Human Resources Senior Consultants, with strong background in dealing personally with people and extracts personal motivations and professional skills while transmitting a trusted aura.
The Objective is clear. To Know Who We Are.
In cases of acquisitions this process is particularly relevant for the purchaser company. It needs to understand which its personnel force is and what is even more important, how those profiles fit with the Goals of the new company, in terms of technical skills required, functional level of mid management and degree of communication throughout the Organization and facing the outside.
Networking power is a growing asset when assessing people profile. Who is he/she in terms of formal and informal leadership inside the organizations? Which are his/her contacts with stakeholders? How relevant are these links for the Company? In other words, what is his/her influencing power?
It is known that mergers and acquisitions bring nervousness to the staff. Uncertainty is the common feeling before, during and after these dramatic operations and becomes essential to clarify situation as soon as possible in order to prevent disruptions.
People need to know if they are part of the new project and what is exactly expected from him in the new venture.
Firstly of course, the company has to be sure about the new north to take and transmit feeling of strategic solidity. Otherwise staff will get disappointed and it might damage relationships with suppliers, customers or institutions.
Today, more than ever, feelings travel in all directions thanks to the net interfaces and HHRR departments need to be especially careful with this concern.
To shorten the period of uncertainty may become crucial to guarantee the success of the new project.
Profiling is thus twofold, take information about people professional profile and transmit confidence and calm. T
Profiling becomes therefore a milestone at the Change Project that must accompany these huge, delicated and then, risky operations.