Escrito el 31 mayo 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

As the Aquarius TV ad repeats ‘Human Being can be Wonderful»
but unfortunaltely he also can be «Extremely STUPID»
What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is unforgivable. Every day are wasted barrels of oil valued at 300,000 euros, but of course that’s not the worst, nor the huge amount of money that will be required to mitigate the effects of such disproportionate tragedy up to 50 times (today estimations) the cost of Katrina Hurricane Damage.
Neither is the worst thing that millions of families who live on fish across the coast will be without business or food and is not yet known how long this shortage will be.
Neither is that hundreds of native animal species are wiped out by the black poison, or the fact that one of the world’s largest coral will be reduced to sticks of dead matter.
The worst thing is how the harmful nature of oil will cause a chain of infection from which no one will be free. Neither we, nor the living things which encounter it.
The “bright” idea consisting on dispersing the oil throughout the sea,is  added to the chain of nonsense, as it will make billions of poison particles in suspension are attached to water molecules, making them widely available in the plankton, the food of the great whales. Similarly trapped on scales large and small fish through predation will become part of the food chain up to our mouths, our stomachs and our blood eventually leading to tumors and cancer. Then we ask ourshelves why this nigthmare illness grows at such rate..
The magnitude of consequences is certainly unpredictable but we need to know that we are witness of the worst environmental disaster in our history, although we remain concerned over what two S&P students say about the debt rating qualification of one or the other country.
But the new goes almost unnoticed, silenced, among the public opinion even no trace, no evidence of that enormous black tide 800 kms diametre in Google Maps. Someone has taken the time using influence to remove it from the map, doubtless, to reduce the impact of this barbarity.
We are dying and we are killing the world in which we stay!. How can I say it?
And It is Suprising how this disaster could have been avoided with the installation of a mechanism down to $ 2,500. A simple valve that would be closed by remote control eliminating the chance of continuouly spiting death through that infernal tube. Even today, the responisble of the tragedy dare to say that this will continue like this until August. They recognise Nothing can be done till then!. My godness!
No opportunity to learn through trial and error with many more disasters like this, perhaps simply because we can not turn back.
So yes, definitely, Human Being can be Extremely Stupid. The Black Shame in th Atlantic is the most lamentable evidence.
But never forget, the Nature does not forgive.


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