Escrito el 15 mayo 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

I must admit that I feel an acute irritation of the fact that from certain political groups and other interested stakeloders, refer to the concept of sustainability in terms of derision, as a illusionary peg to hang vague policies, without content and formuled for decorative purposes on consequences as may have some certain validity only in the long term.
And that, in those cases where that possibility is conceded and not directly destroy the sacred meaning of the term.
Well, gentelmen, I am sure It is not so hard to understand for brigth brains as yours. Simply, Sustainability is the ability to expedite the introduction of measures to ensure the durability and diversity of natural resources to guarantee welfare and progress of future generations. As simple as that.
And if It does not clear up your clouds, I will explain you in terms of opposites.
Sustainability IS NOT pouring 1 million litres daily in the Gulf of Mexico of organic pollutant that kills all living beings that meet in its path.
Sustainability IS NOT to create a growing mass of biological impossibility of over 300 km in diameter.

Sustainability IS NOT avoiding responsanbility for the Tragedy and the ship continues to inject poison directly to the only arteria that we all share, the sea.
Sustainability IS NOT erasing the bank fishing from the shore Maya, to which depends the economic survival of thousands of mexican families.
Sustainability IS NOT  terminating hundreds of native species such as unique cetaceans and turtles.

Sustainability IS NOT losing U.S. $ 35,000 million in share price has suffered and will suffer British Petroleum Company.
Sustainability IS NOT having to face a cost to remedy the situation, estimated at 40 times the costs incurred by amending the consequences of Katrina.
Sustainability IS NOT establishing a maximum of 75 million dollars of compensation limit in cases of environmental responsibility. When in this cases like this one will be required more than $10,000 million to contain the damage.

And all this dramatic facts and huge economic looses are occurring TODAY, not in the long term.

No, definitely Sustainability is not any of this.

So, Stop Now profaning Sustainability Name and work to guarantee survival.


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