Services design. The convergence.

Escrito el 10 mayo 2010 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

When I get to Service design, coming from lean services, I have been working for long on process design, if we can call it design…

Recently I was elaborating around design concepts and I found several inputs and trends.

 On one side, the concept of design:  As a verb, «to design» refers to the process of originating and developing a plan for a product, process, structure, system, or component with intention. As a noun, «a design» is used for either the final (solution) plan or the result of implementing that plan in the form of the final product of a design process.

Some other topics were related as the design to serve the artist confronted with the design to serve the society. Papanek´s vision of all of us being designers confronted with the idea of only a few could be called designers/artists. Dino Dini´s vision that the design process can be defined as «The management of constraints some negotiable and some not» reminding TOC. And The Art of Progress from new Audi ads combining engineering design and art..

So, we could say that we are living in the service economy, where the old dichotomy between product and service has been replaced by a service-product continuum. Many products are being transformed into services.

Since design is a process, and a service is a process too, and lean pursues the perfect process, lean services design would look for the perfect design process to get to the perfect service process. Being perfect expressed as all value and no waste.

I would like to discuss about service design. Concepts, tools, process, key factors for success and how to apply them to a specific service design.

I have found an interesting link to start with



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