The SUN and the Neighbours

Escrito el 17 abril 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

Defining the energy mix that we will enjoy within 10 years is not an easy task. There are many and powerful stakeholders and nobody wants to lose their piece of cake and less due to mechanisms of competitiveness that could be seen as unfair in supporting the development of renewable.
In fact, subsidies to investment in this type of energy, especially in the field of Photovoltaic and Eolic come to an end. In Spain, these grants accounted for around EUR 6,000 million last year to reach 13,000 million in the last four years. These aids will be recovered in next years by the Administration through the bills of the users.
Almost certainly, wind power will be the first in being granted, based on the principle that technology in this field, has evolved enough to reduce costs significantly and by cheaper components as well as ultimately savings from greater maturity-sectoral
The privilege which appears to be maintained for renewable energy will be its priority when delivering power to the grid, thus favoring the achievement of maximum productivity and other technologies relegating concerns about wasting energy produced and not sold, because the sector’s inability to store its product.
The energy source most disadvantaged in our country in the new energy model will be Gas Natural, whose participation in the mix is reduced to less than half (17%) while it is expected Renewable to exceed 40% of the total energy supplied to the network in 2020. Other energies such as nuclear or coal fell by 25% over its current share.
Special revolution will be raised by the PV industry which has the clear advantage to provide energy along with the user sharing the investment and revenues coming from selling surplus energy to the net. Thus, while in 2008 it experienced a boom in the exploitation of photovoltaic above ground, in the coming years we will experience a genuine settlement of private buildings, which may be self supplied and even sell excess energy to the network.
And here is where the photovoltaic industry has opened a new divide calling on the authorities to regulate and encourage these private initiatives, in which building owners and neighboring communities become new small power plants.
Recall the fact that the sun delivers enough energy in 1 day to supply all of humanity in 1 year.
The challenge will be how to capture as much of it and harness it and is no doubt that if the energy is harnessed the closer are the points of generation and consumption but surely in this approach, retailers are the voices that rise up more sound of disgust.
An industry with many players in which some of the will know how to adapt themselves to what it must mean progress in the achievement of practices that ensure sustainability.


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