The Hidden Decision Maker

Escrito el 9 marzo 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

The way in which Organizations interact and communicate has dramatically changed not only in the technological media used but, moreover, in the number of points of contact established between them. Some years ago, only some specfic people appeared as interlocutor and whoever wanted to contact to the inner Organzition had to cross the ring. Today verybody is in the net and then everybody is achievable. This fact opens a new spectro for contacting essential roles of our potential customers for succeding in our apporach to it.

So the first thing should be trying to understand the model in which the Organization is built on. How business units and corporative services link inside to generate, implement or stabilize the business they run or they wish to run.

We also need to know the sectors and the scope in which its activity is focused. Which their aspirations consit of, as well as their challenges and constrains. To carry out this job, we need roguhly analyse the web page, and communications transmitted to different media, in order to better understand its current positioning and planned goals.

This research is crucial to aim the shoot.

Once we comprehend the internal organization and straegic situation, the key is to identify the decision maker. Sometimes he will be in the net, sometimes not. Sometimes he will be up, down or behind the person you have identified.

To push down all your effort over the wrong person can be exhausting and lamentably a waste of time. Often this first contact comes from another referal creating and some type of commitment which fails unworthy.

To properly identify the Decision Maker, we shall get closer to our objective. To get an appointment and collecting all the information necessary about the Organization, not only in terms of official Structure but also in terms of Internal Culture. The higher the degree of confidance we are able to trasmit, the better the result we obtain about that crucial information.

To waste a bullet with the wrong contact can become a door sealed and interesting collaboration projects can be missed in the folder.

All the work we make to identify the Decision Makers depending on what we want to purpose before deciding to contact will be never enough. 

This concept is referable to product development actions as well as change proyect implementations. Without identifying, seducing and convincing decision makers, doors will remain closed, whatever will be our influencing purpose.


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