Escrito el 28 marzo 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

“The Customers of my Customers are my Customers”
This affirmation that could seem at first sight, a statement of dishonesty and betrayal, holds the key, from my viewpoint, for stable enterprise growth and well oriented business development. Wearing Long-Distance Glasses is essential to understand the possibilities of collaboration between enterprises. With increasing frequency and specialy evident in the services sector, buyers or contractors do not seek in your offer the best buy from your company but the best sale to their clients. In today’s competitive environment, the added value is increasingly focused on providing new ideas and services that help your client selling more and more differentiated. Everybody could buy cheaper, what it´s really complicated and valuable is incorporating and retaining profitable customers and there is your solution becomes a glittering treaure.
Often many campaigns or sales promotions fail because they are exclusively focused is on the distribution channel. But not always the one to whom we invoice, revealing sales figures, is my real client. My clients are always the final consumers, although never theirs names appeared in my sales reports because never were billed directly.
Supporting the distributor to deliver the product of the channel with actions directed to the final consumer significantly contribute to common goals. Otherwise we risk flooding the channel and what was initially thought to be a good sale, becomes some months later, an unexpected return where the products often have lost an important part of their value, bringing a substantial loss for the company.
Push strategies, although sometimes necessary, above all in cases where the Vendor works also competition products´ are not usually effective if not accompanied by a strategy that seeks to attract the consumer attention and enough interest to select. Otherwise the dealer will be burned and he will opt for applying more effort in products easier to rotate.
When the intermediate agent is a Retailer, as a Great Supply Chain, provider and client share the same goal, SELLING. To put the product in the linear in unly the first step, the challenge is to make it rotate for both benefit .-
What the purchaser wants here, is to obatin form his supplier the commitment to make his life easier, investing in promotions, catalogs, advertising or Loyalty CRM actions to foster movement in the shelves .
At other times the key is training. Share the Strategy and transmit the excellences of the product or service.
For a Big Reatiler there aren´t expensive or inexpensive products. There are only more expensive or cheaper products than thouse acquired by its competition. Here is where rotation lives.
No longer, suppliers and retailers / distributors should work as face to face rivals but as counterparts who align their business strategies in order to seduce the final consumer, your real customer, although he uses to ramain invisible.


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