Escrito el 8 marzo 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

It is not unsual to meet People who feel trapped in their work environment. After some years of company commitment they realize of years spent without a sensation of professional progress. They look backwards and they see a specialist without possibility of exit or generalist profile without possibility of entrance. Doubtless, the development of a succesful career is not an easy task. It is composed by many decisions and obviosuly multiple circumstances as well. To draw the path and walk the talk use to be more complicated than it seems. However we are responsible for managing our own value chain, adding wagons to the train while enlarging the power engine which opens the space. Enlarger and widen simultaneously.
The things we start doing in our careers tend to bias the next steps. Sometimes it is our disere, sometimes it is not. Whatever it was, it is important if we have the opportunity to observe all around first,to participate in later, and then, to rule some type of system, in order to understand the machine functioning at high performance and the different ways of making business.
To sculpture a professional profile is not always a pleasure adventure although however, it is our responsibility to make it as funny and interesting as possible.
Some people know what they want to be since the begining, and they transform their motivation in a profession. The tittle under the name in their cards is always the same. No matter the period elapsed. By contrast, for other people, what they want to be is something they go on discovering day after day. If you meet them from time to time, they always have something different to tell you and they are doing crazy different things since last time.
Both of two types of people can be excellent professionals and be happy in which they are doing, but they never can enter the others territory once they overcome some line.
To become a singular specilist is a safe option while the sector or technology of expertise survives on hot. To be a generalist and grow is never easy. Although the majority of management positions require advanced level in different disciplines, the trip to get there shall be supported by a strong core of particular expertise.
To become a complete profile is a highly appreciated virtue in the seniorest stages of a professional career. To rule as CEO or councellor for different Organizations. The question is how to survive till then. These guys are reinventing themselves every short periods of time. They get boring in what they are doing once the challenge is achieved and like to work by objectives oriented projects. They love start ups. But, though being amazing, it is a dangerous game to be addicted just to beginings. To cross those oceans they require open mind and essential drops of Talent and Courage becuase even the best Generalists feel sometimes in their mid-careers some kind of “lack of identity”…to be continuosly overcome.


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