The New CIO

Escrito el 23 febrero 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

The role of IT systems in the business world today, is no longer limited to supporting the operations of value, they can provide the value operations. Technology offers opportunities for differentiation and not only for those that run IT as core business.
The challenges facing the CIO today are very different from those of just 10 years ago. Although yet some CIOs run in a technical positioning and show reactiveness to User requests, they are close to say good bye.
The CIO of yeasterday saw only users and hated the feeling of being seen as Santa Claus. In other cases, he did not understand the message of the user and often with good reason. The CIO was a line of defense, a protective barrier of systems department, a workload regulator, a negotiator of time. The CIO used to think that he did not have to understand company’s strategic issues, that it was something only which concerned to the User. His responsibility was focused on technically validate the solution, allocate resources and prioritize, prioritize by application date.
The CIO of Yestarday had a highly technical profile, often he came from the programming, he began alone in the department os a mid-sized company and he knew very well what meant to work hard and never say No. The CIO of Yesterday had to leave, He was exhausted.
CIOs today face a challenge much more complex. Systems departments have become Shared Services Centers. Huge corporate platforms serving very different countries far away. The User is now a forbidden word, now he is called the Internal Customer.
The Internal Customer must be equipped with the best technological infrastructure capable of delivering optimal levels of service using just the resources needed.
Internal Customer can not be said No. There is No need. Today the CIO seats in the great table. He is an important piece on the board. Everything is done with consensus and planning. Everyone knows what the goals are and which the priorities.
The CIO of Today not only has a recognized expertise, he is primarily a manager and a creative, he has the ability to understand the keys of the strategy and propose competitive advantages from his area.
The CIO of Today must learn to do almost all of what his company colleagues’ do-
He is responsible for significant volumes of purchases in SW and HW, he makes financial budgets and understands the Cash Flow Concept and Controls it.
The CIO of Today is responsible for interviewing and hiring new professionals who are entering his area. He shall dominate both psychology and good touch when dealing with people. He must decide when to assign internal resources or contracting out services negotiating with consulting firms..
And of course, the CIO of Today must rule Selling when it is his turn. Workshops or presentations have to be showed on to the client either internal or external. 
Of course he requires fluent English and having experience in multi-country project management. A high level of organization and multifunctinal teams leadership.
The CIO of today is no longer a defensive weapon, by contrast he becomes a weapon of innovation, he doesn´t react, he actives on, he does not only implement, he makes proposals and leads the change.


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