Large Scale Lean.

Escrito el 5 febrero 2010 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

We have been discussing about “lean” concepts applications in different environments. We have seen its application at sub-processes and processes and we have escalated the concepts to enterprises and systems, that is, networks of enterprises whose linked processes are designed and executed in a way that tend to maximize the value (for all agents),  today and tomorrow,  whilst reducing systematically the waste (no value). We have seen samples like Disney´s Parks or Soccer Stadiums, and we have debated on organization, key issues, etc. We have compared them with Ecosystems.

At the end, scale is just what it is, scale. And if these concepts have been successful for a sub-process, a process, an enterprise, a system…I don’t see why it cannot be a good base for implementing bigger changes as socio-economic systems like regions or countries.

Now is time to plan and act for many environments. Too much time has been lost for those trying to keep status quo but the need of change is here. Other option can be let the chaos in, to destroy and generate, after,  order from the chaos, but it use to be much more painful and  larger in time.

I would like to share a link where some successful cases are described. http://www.scmr.com/article/388563-Achieving_Success_with_Large_Scale_Lean.php

Recipes are relatively simple:

  • Find the Customer and focus on the value. (there can be many;  citizens, consumers, investors…)
  • Design, develop and adhere to lean operating models (not necessarily a macro one from the beginning but many micro-ones)
  • Tightly integrate plan and execution and leverage the success
  • Committed to collaboration with partners

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