Compensation & Benefits. A Well Recognised Profession.

Escrito el 8 febrero 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

Compensation and Benefits leaders are reponsible for aligning the rewarding systems with business strategy purposes while keeping workforce highly motivated along the whole Organization.
C&B Leaders are required to be Complet Professionals with global vision and knowledge.
As companies become global these professionals must demonstrate consensus negotiation skills acting as corporate staff. C&B Divisions are somehow independent from the natural matrix of Human Recources in Global Organizations, where rewarding models need to be designed for diverse geographical areas in which even, different operations may take place.
C&B managers require being close to the upper guidelines prescriptors, to understand the keys for success and to posses the skills to aim rewarding policies according to those finalities. This is one of the reasons why C&B Directors demands plenty of seniority.
Conpensation & Benefits Positions is obviously directly related to Budgeting Constrains and therefore to Finance Department. To properly understand the impact of bonus or variable payments in economical terms is essential.
The Rewarding Plans are concerned with short, middle and long term, so that understanding the expected evolution of the company and the leverage applied in every stage.
C&B leaders not only require analisys skills but also the determiantion and personal gifts to implement the plan in armony.
To establish objectives is not an easy task. Totransmit the merits intended by the company without incurring in conflicts is a hard job. Many companies fail when they incentive departmental or individual performance based on factorX ratio without considering the impact the way in which that guy or department is performing, in his/its collegue or on the company as a whole. However it seems complicated to reward just on corporate results basis maintaing the workforce turned-on.
The Communication of these plans is also a strategic matter. Sometimes they are supported by a Change Management Project or sometimes they claim the participation of Unions and here ruling Law is a preimium asset.
C&B leaders are well recognised inside the Organization. To achieve a Direction in a Global Company use to be necesssary to have worked in the field during 10-15 years with at least the half involved in international affairs. The natural previous step is a Manager in a similar company or a Direction in a smaller one. The next one, is a General Human Resources Direction.
Ii is not common yet to meet Managing Directors promoted from the Human Resources Arena but maybe this trend change some day, maybe as communicating people becomes the best competitive advantage possible…


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