Could Toyota´s quality become its Achilles heel?

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You can read at today´s Businessweek an article regarding big car automakers.


They say Volkswagen is bent on displacing Toyota as the world’s biggest car company—and it just may succeed..

Some details about figures, market and product strategies and future scenarios are included in the article but what takes my attention is the Lion King´s life cycle.

Saying Toyota is vulnerable and saying is vulnerable in quality, is like when  today when Google looked unbeatable we find out that somebody is pointing  its  Achilles heel in one of  its strengths its ethic:  «don’t be evil» which makes them leave China and maybe their dominant position…

Article describes it like Toyota is the one suffering negative headlines after a series of embarrassing recalls. Toyota’s CEO—in an act of extreme self-flagellation—has even said his company’s best days may be behind it.

Probably no other company focused in quality or ethics would “self flagellate” like this, but at the end of the day you are what you decide to be. Consequence and coherence to me is understood as a quality..


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