No Time for Doubts in Haiti.

Escrito el 18 enero 2010 por Jesus Guerro en General

niño haitianoHaiti was a rich nature territory  as Dominican Republic keeps on being , before the greed of its rulers swept all its wonderful resources. Now it´s not more than a desert. During years hate has been the common sense between both neighbours. Haitians and Dominicans have fougth to death with their own hands simply for stepig forward the narrow line which separates them. Now Dominican Republic must forget this enmity assuming that earthquake, if had exploited some miles away, the morgue would have invaded the streets of its villages.

United Nations has recognised the tragedy of Haiti as the worst ever. The coordination of logistics matter never was so complicated. If we perceived some slowness and even some sense of abandon in the way in which the tragedy of Katrina in New Orleans was carried out, these feelings grow by times in the sad case of Haiti. Nowbody understands how is possible that medical support is practicing amputations where they woudn´t be necessary with the availability of  some basic medicines.

We know about the complexity and expensiveness of logistics management in the War Field to make possible the allocation of safe base camps, as well as the ongoing supply of meal and medicines in areas where shoots come from everywhere. So, we ask why, a week after the natural disaster, the  wounded people lack all about necessary to survive. Children walk over the ruins without fate nor destination. Who takes care of them?

This Tragedy requires a great dose of Leadership and everybody is looking at Obama. This should be the time for the Peace Nobel to show its Charisma and Determination facing an unknown tragedy up to day . He must excell in this Hell. He should demonstrate the capacity of his Administration to Coordinate the Operations, regardless the contribution coming from other Governments or Non Proft Organizations.   

Urfortunately the decision took on Friday, by granting temporary protected status to undocumented Haitians to allow the tens of thousands of Haitians expected to qualify to stay in US  and work and send home some money, falls extremely short.

The Reality shows figures of dead human beings up to  50,000 (today the First Minister spoke about more than 100.000 people buried)  and incomprehensibly, all essential services go on totaly knocked out, and the needs are far greater than current resources.

Medical Aids must be the priority as well as Drinking Water. Field Hospitals should be established in different allocations. Doctors and medicines are urgently required in the hell of Haiti.

In this aim, 100 millions of dollars have been promised by Obama to help Operations (the same total figure that United Nations estimated as necessary the first day after the earthquake). Yesterday, a nuclear aircraft carrier with 19 helicopters, a water purification plant, two operating rooms and tons of medical supplies docked at the site of the tragedy. From Baltimore sailed a hospital ship that arrived Thursday,  with 12 operating rooms, can cater for 1,000 patients and today 10.000 soldiers have arrived Haiti multiplying by ten the number of army  resources.

The time runs too fast in Haiti, Coordination sand Order save lives and these should be brougth by Strong Leadership. Today, even more than money, Plannification and Determination are angels for those who are still alive. 


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