Escrito el 23 diciembre 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

China_y_EE_UU_More shadows than lights in Copenhagen. The outcome of the summit of global warming was triggered a week especially cold in the Danish capital. Many are left with the same feeling once frost is given by the session closed without reaching binding agreements  in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Obama’s words «There is no time to talk. It is time to act» have been left alone in that, words. Boycott from Bolivar Group (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua) to the final text has served as an oxigen ball for the Chinese Government, the most pressed of all of them and certainly that has deployed a more defensive strategy. The presence of more than 300 members belonging to the Chinese expedition in Copenhagen is a reflection of the fears with which Beijing went to the appointment. No movement could escape his control.The multitude and diversity of countries invited to the event, perceive that the key elements of the final text were exclusively agreed in a private meeting between the presidents of U.S. states, China, Brazil and India. The European Union was not invited to the nucleus negotiation. Probably for being erected as the champion for ambitious objectives, the biggest polluters prefered to sit without it. Perhaps it can be said also that how Kinssinger never know who picks up the phone in Europe, the eternal dilemma, even although we released the European High Representative.
It is not all bad omens in Copenhagen. The convening power of appointment has been expectacular. 187 countries represented by their Presidents. Nothing to do with Kyoto, led by a vice president like Gore and surrounded only by ministers in the best cases, a much smaller group of countries. For the first time, all countries regardless of their level of development had a say in a summit on climate change. It clearly denotes the feeling of the governments of a considerable social pressure in regard to this matter.
Therefore, not all leftovers in Copenhagen. First, the first signature of senior leaders from a text that could be the best prologue to the milestones that may actually materialize in Mexico 2010. On the other hand, the creation of an annual donation of 30,000 million by the richer countries to poorer countries identified as main victims of climate change. Finally, a major development, the creation of a fund of 100,000 million dollars which will go to those countries that reduce deforestation. The mechanism, known as REDD responds to the urgent need for urgent measures towards curbing deforestation currently endured fierce our tropics.
At this point,
What conclusions from these negotiations?
Is it an important step despite its non-binding or just a new page passed?
What you believe to be Europe’s role in the international arena in 10/20 years?



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