Escrito el 9 diciembre 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

polucion-co2-records-0805There had been created high expectations during last months with regard to the Copenhagen summit that currently develops in the Danish capital. Nevertheless, green lobbies led by Greenpeace, have expressed their disappointment with the initial draft, accusing it of overly conservative.
Many are those who think that rather than a boost to a Kyoto Treaty rundown, will cut the objectives in the reduction of CO2 emissions for 2020 and 2050 horizons. For others the route map should be traced in this way in order to adjust objectives to a different reality (has to be balanced against the projected world population increases) and allow greater targets flexibility when firmly acting in these Directions efficiently. Otherwise ambitious objectives could disappoint players to achieve.
The behavior of the U.S. and China as well as the commitments they are willing to accept, attract all eyes. Moreover, they are responsible for more than 60% of total global emissions. It seems that China’s strategy is to go off on tangents, do not enter the debate on CO2 and aim his speech to the effort on reducing domestic energy consumption.
A novel component that can incorporate Copenhagen is the commitment to reduce or even slow back the pace of deforestation, the cause of non-neutralization of 20% of CO2 emissions discharged into the atmosphere each year.
This is with no hesitation, an important point, empowered towards opening markets polices, eliminating restrictive tariffs to developing countries, as well as a fairer distribution of wealth would result in a reduced need for natural resource extraction, as many of them are wasted every day to landfills.
The encouragement of virtuous circles to take advantage of waste from certain sectors to be used as raw material in other areas should be another item on the agenda.
Another key points to not be forgotten should be related to the regulation of mobility policies that favor the use of public transport for people and intermodal transport systems for merchandise, with particular emphasis on rail usage, the cleaner transportation mode nowadays.
With all this on the table.. What can we expect from Copenhagen summit?
From your point of view what are the keys to draw a roadmap effective and realistic? What are the greatest challenges and dangers?
Thank you very much.


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