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acer notebook

acer notebook

Although Acer was established in 1976 it has not been until recent years that the brand has left its unknown position to become a reference in the sector.
Today, everybody has its Acer device.
Nowadays the taiwan origin manufacturer is the result of the successful mergers of Gateway Inc. (October 2007) and Packard Bell Inc. (March 2008) by parent company, Acer Inc.,

Last month, Acer Inc has beaten Dell to reach the world’s second position of computer manufacturers during the third quarter of 2009 increasing 14% facing same period of last year. Acer is now a thread of the world’s number one PC maker, Hewlett Packard which has retained its position with about 20.2 % of the market, whereas Acer reported 14 % as compared to Dell’s 12.7%.

However, Acer is the unquestioned Leader in Western Europe where controls the PC market with over 4.7 million units sold and a market share of 28.3 %, which implies growth of 21.3 % over the same quarter last 2008.
Particularly amazing are the figures iIn UK where Acer has grown in more than 35% in the third quarter representing notebooks 40% of consumption.
And this is only the begining.According to IDC’s Notebook Laptop sales boost by 25% next year.

HP, which has sold 1% more than the same quarter last year, maintains a market share of 21.5% in the region. By contrast, Dell has been the Top5 which has experienced a larger decline dropping by 19.7 % and falling to third place ranking with a market share of 9.5%.

Far away from podium, Asus with a share of 6.5% decreasing 1.4% and Toshiba, which has increased its sales by 3.5%, and reaching a quota of market of 5.8%.

The great bet for Acer has been to concentrate efforts on mobility. According to market sources, Acer has shipped in between 3.4-3.6 million notebooks just in September month, beating both HP and Dell. Nowadays, notebooks represent 73% of turnover.
The Objectives are even more ambitious, Mr. J.T. Wang, Acer Chairman has said that he expects to ship over 40 million notebooks in 2010, a number that would challenge definitively the top position of HP in the portable PC sales. Mr. Wang also added that the company expects a growth of revenue by more than 70 percent over the next three years.

Maybe the take over of Gateway Inc. and controlling power of Packard Bell have strengthen Acer’s multi-brand strategy, which targeted to create Acer’s brand awareness in countries like US.

The key for the company’s high sales and market shares has been to anticipate mobility trands as well as its ability to produce and distribute low-cost growing market Netbooks.
The vision of Acer is now focused on the smartphones market where it aspires to beat traditional giant vendors as Nokia or Blackberry in near future. will it capable?


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