The SEAT Dilema.

Escrito el 22 octubre 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

seat-bocanegra-conceptSEAT’s problem is not very different from that suffered by the whole of Spanish brands in general when trying to enter or grow in external markets. Having difficulty to position themselves as product quality and gain notoriety. As simple as that. We have never known and we do not know yet. The product is not inferior in SEAT value for money of any of its brand peers. In spite of selling 1 of each 4 units that Seat manufactures, it has serious difficulties in mature markets to obtain demand at profitable prices and today it is the ugly duck walking left to rigth behind Skoda.
The new Hope is James Mur new president of SEAT who radically changes the portfolio strategy group. Contrary with the idea Schmitt, former president of SEAT to extend range, the new big office tenant seeks to minimize the number of versions trying to streamline operations. Nevertheless he goes on betting on the traditional marketing claims, so that Sport, Attractive and Youth Spirit, mantaining the solgan “Autoemotion”.
Internal sources from the firm speak aboutthe need to manufacture and sell half a million units a year. The goal appears, at first sight, complicated. It would be necessary to obtain more than 400,000 units sold grouping Ibiza and the León figures and trust that the Exeo takes off. Something that seems unlikely. The market maybe does not accept as expected the idea of a car built based on the platform and components of an older model, even though it were always solvent, Audi A4.
Others believe that with only 3 models will be virtually impossible to reach that break even despite highly probable, the brand maintains its leadership in the Spanish market in the number of units sold at the end of current year.
The question is…will be possible to achieve the objectives simplifying variability while maintaining the same marketing focus?


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