IMS.Competitors become Partners to achieve on Recycling

Escrito el 14 octubre 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

Integrated Management Systems are entities made up of manufacturarers who generate the same type of waste. The Principle by which “Who Pollutes, Pays” encouraged by the European Union Regulation, makes manufacturers and distributors responsible for the recovery and recycling of the waste emerged from the after-use of their products.
Originally the law fixed just on the manufacturer but the 2008 Waste Directive extended the responsability of waste management to the distribution network. In other words, whoever obtains a profit, must collaborate.
To make this process effcient from the operative point of view as well as economically viable, companies decide to group together in order to organise the collection, classification and recycling process.
Waste management companies mut be homologated so that competitors create a new common body responsible for reaching legal environmental requirements.
These are the cases in Spain of Ecoembes which has been able to collect 1,2 millions of tons of paper pacaking comparing 40.000 tons exactly one decade ago. Today nearly 70% of paper is recovered.
Ecovidrio, which is the Integrated Mangement System in charged of collecting and managing empty glass bottles, nowadays it controls 60% of materials launched into the market.
In the global market, Kodak and Fujitsu work together to recover the single use cameras. Only after selling the same item at least three times, the company obtains benfit from each unit. The collaboration is essential to keep collection costs under production + distribution costs.
The collection, treatment, recycling and re-selling of waste or end of life products have ocasioned the appearance of thousands of new employments.
Only in Spain, there are more than 500 recycling management companies. 45% of them focused on paper, 20% on plastics and 35% on metals.
The automotive sector is specialy intensive in these types of processes. Second Hand Pieces delaers and recovery plants demand high tech platforms to guarantee sustainability requirements in terms of control while enlarging profitability rates


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