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Escrito el 23 septiembre 2009 por Antonio Zabaleta en Lean Services

According to wikipedia Lean IT is the application of Lean principles to Information technology, what means two things: get ride of waste in order to maximise the value and reduce the cost. It is the same philosophy: every process can be improved and things can be done better

CA has recently published a survey among 562 IT managers of 14 countries (including Spain), with the following results: 79% of European CIOs want to extend their IT-Security,88% want to invest in service management, 76% into infrastructure and operations management.

It seems that many companies are investing in IT in the present economic situation with a clear goal: maximise value and reduce costs. Going further they want to optimise the value stream and not only eliminate waste but also improve the quality of the product / service. Companies that make the correct decisions not only will reduce costs but also will improve its competitive situation to exit stronger from this crisis

Peter Waterhouse remembers us the 8 elements of waste in IT (Waterhouse, Peter. Improving IT Economics: Thinking Lean& rdquo;. CA White Paper. November 2008.): defects, overproduction, waiting, non-value added, processing, transportation, inventory (excess), motion (excess), employee knowledge (unused).

According to this information, my question is: Do you think that exist a clear Lean IT culture in Europe? Or only in multinational companies? Can this represent a positive result from this crisis: the increase of investments in Lean IT? Is the increase in Lean IT investments bigger than in other areas?


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