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Until the loss of its patents in the early 80s, XEROX was basically a company that manufactured and sold photocopiers and related equipment. In the last feefteen years, Xerox has become a company that offers translation services, consulting,sotware packages and has developed programs for printing services.
Xerox is one of the pioneers and most advanced companies in the strategic change from selling products to selling services.


From Selling a Printer to Renting Printting Services
Thereby, Xerox retains the contact with the end consumer instead of waving goodbie to him after the sale. The Brand keep the contact providing maintenance, repairs, replacement of components and insurance. This brings bright opportunities to gain customer loyalty if the service is delivered on world-class basis.

The Brand obtains on-going customer feedback at every moment, and takes over the evolution of their products throughout their life closely.
At the end of the contract, the collection and return service allows the company to offer an extension of renting. Then, The Return becomes a Replacement.

Thanks to the renting of their photocopiers and its policy of recovering at the end of their clients, only in its early years, the company reduced by 73% the generation of solid waste and increased recycling by 141%, getting savings between $ 300 and $ 400 million.


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