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It is clear that companies usually focus their environmental responsibility through the prism of the obligation, the cost and tedium. Very few of them spend their time and invest resources to investigate how environmental requirements can be aligned with its corporate strategy and the ability to offer differentiated services and even new lines of business.

On the other hand takes a technical, bureaucratic and procedural environmental management. The technical environment has a profound knowledge about legislation, to control parameters and measurement tools, but only in relation to its environmental impact. Usually they do not have the enough vision business for the company to propose solutions aimed at enhancing profits or market share while complying with such obligations as the company can obtain economic returns.
Without doubt, the recycling policy has encouraged the emergence of new markets. Thus, the automotive sector under a very strict environmental legislation has led to the emergence of markets for plastics, foams and metals. Today, cars are recycled by 85% and according to the rules this rate should reach 95% in 2015.
Thus, cars cemeteries, seen until now as second-class business, will be a very important technological business.Only certified centers called CARD will be autorized to operate and they will have to satisfy with the technology necessary to disassemble and sort the materials, providing clean and safe storage of fluids (oil, brake fluid, oil ..) as well as making a rigorous control of all material that is processed with an indication of their destination or status. The authorities will support initiatives to facilitate the professionalization and optimization of the CARD in order to also reinstate cicuito selling as many pieces as possible, reducing the need for extraction and production with the resulting energy savings and reduced emissions CO2 to the atmosphere.

Companies should not waste time wondering whether the environmental management can be profitable or not, have to think how.


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