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EMEA. A Letter of Intents.

Day by day is more likely to find the acronym EMEA or to define areas of business, either to define organizational positions and responsabilities.

It may be seen as a clear letter of intent in the development aspirations of global companies. EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). It is likely the first «E» to fall in the near future to stay alone and companies open divisions focused solely on the other side of the Mediterranean.
Countries with large natural resources, growth potential, cash flow in some cases and therefore sources of investment.
EMEA is a letter of intent to the search for balance and breaking of rich nations´ protectionism. It is a letter of intent to open trade with new partners, a new “trip to the Indies”.
EMEA emerges as a compensating strength to other divisions as “Pacific Asia” or “Latinoamerica”. This is how big western multinationals divide the business world nowadays. Europe or Norh America will remain the local target.
EMEA brings a new challenge for proffessionals and executives. A new area of expertise. A new base for differentiation.
Thus finally Africa becomes an “official” investment target. A clear letter of intent that the near future will respond to us before China maybe changes the map again.