The American Opportunity Gap

Escrito el 17 abril 2009 por Jesus Guerro en General

Few weeks ago, the Spanish Industry Minister, Miguel Sebastian, introduced the Plan “Made by Spain” in a special event organised by the ICEX in New York City.
The mission was to make Spanish companies more familiar between American dealers and institutions, and as the Minsiter said, to gain position concerning the new contracts to be assigned along the $780.000M Investment Development Plan approved by the Obama Administration.
The presidents of some the most important companies in Spain collaborated in de Forum promoting the leading role of Spain in three Key Sectors, the Big Drivers of the New Economy Frame, so, Banks, Renewable Energies and Infrastrcutures. The presidents of BBVA and Santander did not hesitate in announcing its benefits as the most profitable worldwide and the Spanish Banking System as one of the most reliable. There was also stressed the predominant position of Spain in the development of alternative energies by the president of Iberdrola and the contribution of Spanish companies in the construction of 21st Century emblematic infrastructures all over the 5 continents.
USA means the 25% of International Gross Product and the 16% of Global Trade. On the other hand, Spain represents 2% of this latter figure, coming only the 0,5% of USA imports from our country. So that, the conclussion of the Minister was that Spain could multiply by 4 the trade with USA. We could call the “Opportunity Gap”.
Certainly, USA always has been representing an opportunity but until today, it is one of the most significant pending subjects. Our Markets has been traditionally the European Union and Latinoamerica. At this concern, latinoamericans are, at present times, the second community in USA reaching up to 40 million inhabitants. We should find a cultural advantage in introducing brands in the Big Market.
We should benchmark the commercial strategies of our neighbours Italy of France, not speaking about United Kingdom which paralelisms are obviuos. We lack the ability of promoting our brands abroad and it is essential to speed up in this critical point.
The unfavourable exchange rate of dollar facing euro makes our exportations less competitive, but on the other hand, it gets cheaper our in-land investments. And, for sure, the sectors we talked above are intensive in investment.
It is the time of Reconquest. ¿will we achieve?


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