Desire´s Law.

Escrito el 11 febrero 2009 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

If you look for Desire in Wikipedia, you will find that, among others, it may refer to:
• Desire (emotion), when a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal.
• Interpersonal attraction It can be viewed as a force acting between two people that tends to draw them together and resist their separation
• Libido, the free creative—or psychic—energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.
• Greed, selfish pursuit of wealth, power, or possessions, especially when this denies the same goods to others.
• Want, in economics is something that is desired. It is said that people have unlimited wants, but limited resources. Thus, people cannot have everything they want and must look for the best alternatives which they can afford.
• Preference, on which microeconomic theory is based It assumes a real or imagined «choice» between alternatives and the possibility of rank ordering of these alternatives, based on happiness, satisfaction, gratification, enjoyment, utility they provide
• Motivation; thought that leads to an action. Is the set of reasons that determines one to engage in a particular behavior
Well, my purpose is to try to understand some of the dynamics and forces affecting service companies, systems, organizations and processes. Though most of them are linked to individuals I think that some interactions and modulations can be defined as well in process to process, process to consumer, process to employee. One example could be the need of desire generation of a specific brand/system in order to capture customers, or the need to motivate individuals to embrace a process change.
I am opening a thread at Community / Operations/ Lean Service in order to debate it and find some patterns which could be useful for services applications.
Some questions for opening debate could be:
Is greed useful at company level? And at functional activity level in a company? And at individual level in a functional area? How to use and modulate?
Given a team with different profiles and motivations how to get them to embrace a deep change in their core process?


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