The 500 Greatest Companies Increase their Profits

Escrito el 1 diciembre 2008 por Jesus Guerro en General

This could have been the Headline of the last annual list of the 500 greatest companies in the world published by Fortune. This world wide selected group incremented its incomes 13,9% while its profits raised 3,9% in 2007 vs 2006. This improvement was encouraged by emerging Countries leaded by China which allocated. record figures on the number of presences. Along with the 29 companies provided by the Yellow Giant, India grew to 7, while Rusia and Brasil raised to 5 each. On the other hand, although seated in its Throne alone, EEUU was the most handycaped country reducing to 153 the listed corporations, the lower figure in the last 10 years. Wall-Mart gained the Top to Exxon Mobile. Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Toyota, Chevron, ING, Total, General Motors and Conoco Phillips followed them in this order
Spain gained positions introducing 11 companies facing 9 in the previous year. The figure would be 12 if we consider that Altadis was merged with Imperial Tobaco. The first was Banco Santender reaching the 58 rank, Telefonica in the 76, Repsol in 92, BBVA in 134 and Endesa in 258. ACS, Cepsa, Iberdrola, Ferrovial, FCC and Mapfre completed the particular Spanish Top Eleven.
So It indicate us that EEUU was the first country to suffer the economic change, indeed initiated in the middle of 2007. It also show us that companies were doing their jobs right. The products and trade worked better than expected and companies were assuming their financial expenses properly allowing profits.
In my personal opinion what has been demonstrated here is the fragility of the System to Finacial breakdowns. Companies have not been valued according to their management excellence but based on capital speculation. Even nowadays, companies which shows profits in their P&L are closing due to lack of cash.
It is urgent in this called Refundation of Capitalism, to establish the control of Financial Markets in order to relate shares ups and downs with management and real results not just with a sell and buy papers game.


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